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Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs!
Dear residents,
Please be mindful of Cameron Wood's HOA Convenants when placing signs.

No advertising signs of any type or kind shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain upon or above any Lot or Common Area with the exception of a single sign “For Rent” or “For Sale,” which sign shall not exceed two feet by three feet in dimension and shall refer only to the premises on which displayed, there being only one sign to a Lot.
Yard signs: Covenant 6.9 allows only one 'For Rent' or 'For Sale' sign (no larger than two feet by three feet) per CW lot.  Residents may also place up to two political signs per CW lot (no larger than two feet by three feet).
Political signs are not permitted in CW common areas and should be taken down 15 days after election.
We ask neighbors to never tape signs to any of the painted posts, as this causes costly damage.  Please also refrain from nailing things to the trees.  Signs should be secured to a stake of its own.
Please NO advertising or commercial signs are allowed on any CW Lots or in CW common areas.  Yard sale signs can be posted only the day before and the day of the sale and should be promptly removed after the sale.
Decorative Lighting Project - UPDATE
The decorative lighting project has been two years in the making and is complicated due to the fact that the HOA is working with both the city and Duke Energy.
Duke Energy has made good progress with phase one of the project. This first phase is focused on the area from Cameron Wood Drive to Arbor Point. There are around ten lights that are obstructed by trees or vegetation that need to be trimmed prior to replacement.

We are also in the planning stages of the second stage of the project that will include replacing the wooden posts throughout the rest of the neighborhood.
Please email Chris Corcoran with any questions or feedback at
New Pond Fountain - UPDATE
The fountain is in, the contractor is still working through some kinks in the system; consequently, you may have noticed that it’s cut off occasionally. It should be operating on a normal schedule very soon.
We've received some great feedback about our new fountain, and many are pleased that it can be seen above the plantings as you drive past the pond!
WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Now is an excellent time to create a profile if you are a resident so you may access the more private areas of our website, such as User Announcements, Board Meeting Minutes, the Message Board, Photo Albums, and many more features we keep private for our residents. Go ahead and create your login!
CW Safety Team
Would you like to be more involved in the safety of CW?  Please contact our new Saftey Team Leader, Corbitt Simmons at
Check out the CW website, our neighborhood resource,  for security tips, a checklist and interesting ways to prevent crime through environmental design!
CW Connection newsletter - Summer/ August 2016 Issue
The next printed neighborhood newsletter will be issued in August.  There you will find news from the CWHOA Board, neighborhood events and other tidbits!
We welcome news items as well as suggestions for the CW Connection neighborhood newsletter.  We also have many advertising opportunities.  Take the time to thank a special neighbor and send in a neighborly note to share in the printed newsletter as well! 
Please submit your news items, questions & suggestions to the CW Editor. 
We are always looking for ways to improve!
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