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Posted on July 22, 2016 8:08 PM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
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Welcome to our very first CW Blog Post! We are excited for the launch of this blog, and we also look forward to using it as a way to highlight residents, share stories, showcase DIY - even feature guest posts from residents and local businesses, from time to time. We hope you like this feature!
"Our Communication Team is focused on improving all lines of communication with our neighborhood, and this blog is a natural step in that direction. Volunteers, ideas, and Guest Posts on our blog are highly encouraged!" - Molly Spence Ward, CW Board Secretary and Communication Liaison.
Let's get right down to it. Here's the most recent news and information going on in Cameron Wood: 
Is Google Fiber making those blue markings?
There has been some buzz about utility markings (blue lines) recently in the neighborhood, and as some of you have gathered- both Google Fiber and AT&T Giga power are coming to CW.  AT&T did not provide the community with any notice when they started digging to lay fiber optic cable in the past, and Google Fiber has not sent us any notification about future construction.
We as an HOA cannot control how these corporations communicate. Oftentimes the large organizations work with contractors and sub-contractors who have very little information to share.  We have called Google but they could not confirm if construction is starting soon. They are supposed to leave door hangars before they start digging in residential lawns. More info can be found here:
If we receive any further notification, we will update residents via eNews, the CW website, NextDoor and Facebook!
NeighborWoods Tree Grant - WE WON!!!
At our most recent board meeting we met with a representative from TreesCharlotte and discussed our NeighborWoods tree grant.  We won approval for the community and the event is scheduled for March 4, 2017.  This will be a fantastic community wide event and we hope you would like to participate.  I have already received interest from a number of different homeowners throughout the neighborhood, but there is still time to sign up.  If you have interest in receiving up to 3 free trees for your home please email  We look forward to the tree planting event early next year and will keep the community informed about the process.
CW Safety Team
There has been more theft recently from unlocked vehicles.  Please, we can not stress enough to:
  1. Lock your vehicles
  2. Move valuables out of plain sight
  3. Close your garage doors
We have worked with our community police officer, Beth Jackson, to find ways to solve this issue. The absolute NUMBER ONE thing that we can do is LOCK AUTOMOBILE DOORS. Yes, it stinks that this is an issue in south Charlotte that we have to deal with, but over 75% of the time automobile break in reports indicate that the doors were left unlocked.
Here is some info that Officer Jackson shared this past June:
"Certain neighborhoods will continue to be targets if people in their communities are failing to do their part to REMOVE their valuables and LOCK their vehicles.
"This is happening throughout our district and not just our response area. The South Division is up 121% in Car break ins. This time last year we had 154; as a district we are at 342! In Response Area One we are up 47% with 116 car break ins so far in 2016 compared to 79 last year and that is not including the ones you saw on the crime alerts sent out this week. Most of these were UNLOCKED!
"When people in the community fail to use their simple crime prevention tips an officer has to respond to take a report for an UNLOCKED vehicle that had a computer, phone, gun, cash etc… removed, it takes an officer off availability for at least an hour. Patrol officers are responding to hundreds of car break ins that should not have happened. We will not get this problem under control without your best ideas and support to get people to remove valuables and lock their vehicles. I ask for your help. I look forward to your response. It is clearly within residents control not to be victims of vehicle break ins. We need a call to action on their part."
Would you like to be more involved in the safety of CW?  Please contact our new Safety Team Leader, Corbitt Simmons at
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Are you utilizing all of the wonderful resources on our neighborhood website? Here is a recent resident posting on our User Announcements - and yet another reason why we love Cameron Wood!: "I would like to thank the kind lady who gave my granddaughter the extra $ so she could get her pizza from Hungry Howies the other day. She ordered it and really didn't know the grand total and thought she had enough money. Thank You, Lynn Jenkins."
Keep the good deeds coming! If you'd like to post an announcement to our website, simply go to our homepage and select the "User Announcements" box about halfway down the page. Fill in the information to add your announcement and click "Submit." That's it! You can see all user announcements in the sidebar of our Neighborhood News page (link is here: User Announcements)

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In closing...
We welcome news items as well as suggestions for the CW Connection neighborhood newsletter.  We also have many advertising opportunities. Take the time to thank a special neighbor and send in a neighborly note to share in the printed newsletter as well! 
If you'd like to see a topic addressed on our blog, are interested in Guest Posting, or have general questions or comments, please email our Webmaster Ali Macaluso. If you have news items you'd like featured in our Newsletter or eNews please submit those questions and suggestions to the CW Editor Nicole Viar. If you are new to the neighborhood and would like a Welcome Packet, please reach out to our Welcome Team Leader LeAnn Swieczkowski. We are always looking for ways to improve!
The Cameron Wood Communication Team:
Molly Spence Ward, Board Secretary and Communication Liaison
Nicole Viar, Newsletter Editor
Alessandra Macaluso, Webmaster
LeAnn Swieczkowski, Welcome Team Leader
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