Board Voting Process
Posted on January 13, 2017 10:06 AM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
As our Annual Meeting approaches, one of the most important items on the agenda is the election of the Board of Directors. All of the details of this process are outlined in our Bylaws. But to save you the trouble of searching that very long document, here are some of the important facts you need to know:
  • The Board of Directors should consist of five Directors. The board can choose to increase that number to up to nine Directors by a majority vote (Article IV, Section 2)
  • All Directors must be members of the Association, and they must not be in default of payment of assessments or violation fines. They also cannot currently have a continuing violation of the Declarations, Bylaws, or rules and regulations of the Association (Article IV, Section 2)
  • Nominations can be made to the Board of Directors 30 days prior to each annual meeting. Nominations can also be made from the floor at the annual meeting (Article IV, Section 3)
Directors can be elected in a few different ways:
  • Secret written ballot at the annual meeting (Article IV, Section 4)
  • A majority vote at another board meeting where quorum is present (Article III, Section 7)
  • A written vote without a meeting. Written votes include fax and email (Article III, Section 10)
You are able to appoint another resident to vote on your behalf. This is called voting by proxy. You received a proxy vote form in your meeting notice that was mailed to you. If you need another copy, contact Henderson Properties at 704-535-1122. (Article III, Section 9)
A quorum is required to vote at the meeting. Quorum is 10% of eligible residents, which is approximately 80 households. In the event that we do not have quorum, the meeting can be adjourned and then immediately reconvened. At that point, the new quorum requirement is one-half of the previous requirement. This provision can be repeated until quorum is present (Article III, Section 6)
You can access our HOA Bylaws here. Should you have any questions regarding the election process or any other association related item, please do not hesitate to contact our management company or one of the current Board members.
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