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Posted on March 13, 2017 1:49 PM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
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Thank you note from TreesCharlotte...
Dear Cameron Wood community,
A special thanks to each of you for your participation in Saturday’s TreesCharlotte NeighborWoods event.  You are helping to expand and diversify Charlotte’s urban forest and we appreciate your involvement. 
Thank you!
Also, a special thanks to those who volunteered for the event, both helping to plan and run the event.  You made possible the distribution of more than 165 trees to neighborhood residents and common areas – thank you!
If you have not yet planted your tree(s) please plant them immediately.  Attached (Check the CW Blog for 'Tree Planting and Care') are proper planting and tree care instructions for your reference or check out this video
The keys to proper planting are:
  • Proper hole depth – the root flare, where the trunk begins to flare out to form the root structure, should be an inch or so above the natural soil line.
  • Proper hole width – the hole should be twice as wide as the root ball.  Tamp the dirt in around the tree firmly to prevent the tree from slumping.
  • Eliminate circling roots – make sure the roots are not circling.  Cut any circling roots.
  • Mulch and protect – keep a ring of mulch around the tree and protect the tree from any contact with mowers or weed eaters.
  • Water – water your tree immediately after planting and every week with 5 gallons.  Water twice a week during dry summer and fall weather.  If you don’t water your tree it will probably die.
Please take good care of your trees – they will love you for years to come.  Click here for additional tips on trees care.
Check out photos of the event on our Flickr account.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to keep up with all our events.  We would love for you to share you pictures with us by tagging them #treesclt.
At TreesCharlotte, we are committed to continuous quality improvement – please let me know of any suggestions you have for TreesCharlotte and how your experience could have been improved.
And lastly, you can track our progress and future events on our web site – all events are listed on our calendar.
Heike Biller
Events Director, TreesCharlotte
701 Tuckaseegee Road
Charlotte, NC  28208
Trees clean our air, reduce storm water run-off, cool our streets, reduce energy use, enhance wellness, increase property values, and give us beauty.
CW Annual Egg Hunt
Date To Be Determined 
CWSRC Clubhouse parking lot
Please plan to bring your children and join your neighbors for the 2017 Cameron Wood Easter Egg Hunt! Children ages 2-11 years old are welcome.  This is an annual event, and is always lots of fun for the kids. 
Get the most up-to-date details in the upcoming CW eNews.  
Email Andrew Swistak at if you'd like to get involved with this event!
"Life is Good in Cameron Wood"
CW Connection Neighborhood Newsletter:  Have an announcement, neighborly note or other news item to share about your neighbors, family, or your child's athletic achievements?  How about a link to an app or blog you would like to share with your fellow neighbors? We love contributions from our neighbors!  We mail out hard copies of our newsletter 4 times a year, as well as post a PDF on the CW website. The mailed newsletter is NOT the same as the CW enews.  The newsletters contain event info, community wide info, a letter from the HOA President on the cover of each issue, and many other tidbits!
Service Provider Testimonials: Please send the contact information of a business you have recently been pleased with to the Editor or Webmaster.  We would like to contact the businesses who have provided our neighbors with good service to give them the opportunity to advertise with Cameron Wood and to provide coupons in turn for repeat business.
Cameron Wood Home Owners Association website and Facebook page: The very latest Cameron Wood news is always available online at Here you'll find news about upcoming events, crime alerts and other information from the police department, plus our CW Blog and a whole lot more!  Make a daily habit.  LIKE the Cameron Wood Home Owner's Association on Facebook! A public website used by Cameron Wood and surrounding neighborhoods for residents to communicate with one another.  Connect with CW here: Cameron Wood on Nextdoor
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Are you new to Cameron Wood?
Check out our Cameron Wood website and learn all the ways to stay connected, be involved in the community, and so much more!
Be Courteous, Be a mindful neighbor...
As the weather continues to improve and more people enjoy the outdoors I wanted to remind residents of a few important items.

The first idea is simple:  clean up after your pets!  It's unfortunate that we have to continue to emphasize this requirement, which is both a city ordinance and a rule of common decency.

Second, it is essential that residents respect the right to quiet enjoyment of their neighbors.  Please be mindful of dogs being left out all day to bark.  Below are links to our city and county noise ordinances, and to the covenants and by-laws available to you for reference on the CW website. 
Last, please mind the boundaries between the HOA owned property and private property.  This is particularly important around the pond and ball field.  Residents should not be walking on, or cutting through, private property.

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