Zika Concerns and the Pond by Glen Eagles: a Guest Post by CW Resident Barbara Navarro
Posted on August 29, 2016 9:10 AM by Alessandra Macaluso, CW Webmaster
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Today we are featuring a guest post from resident Barbara Navarro regarding Zika concerns and the stagnant pond on the corner of Glen Eagles. Barbara writes: 
"Because of the increasing concerns re Zika and mosquito control, I began growing worried about the stagnant pond on the Harris property at the corner of Glen Eagles and Park Rd.  I wrote to Karen Garloch after her informative article in the Observer and received this reply:
'My name is James Bjorneboe and I am the Mosquito Control Program coordinator with the Mecklenburg County Health Department.  Karen Garloch with the Observer forwarded me your concern over the vacant lot at Park and Gleneagles.  We have been out there several times in years past.  I have been out there earlier this year as well. 
'There is no notable or excessive mosquito activity coming from the area.  Since the excavation of the area and the cancelation or postponement of many construction projects, the area has returned to more of a natural state.  There are tadpoles, frogs, diving beetles and other aquatic insect larvae in the pond.  These organisms will provide a natural control measure of sorts as they actively feed on mosquito larvae. 
'Are there mosquito larvae in the pond?  I’m sure that there is.  The good news is that it is not a breeding the type of mosquito that the overwhelming majority of people encounter on a day to day basis.  That mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito, breeds out of household items like, buckets, birdbaths, flower pots, tarps, etc.  Because Charlotte is largely comprised of urban and suburban area, there are plenty of areas that this particular mosquito can find to lay eggs.  It often doesn’t fly more than 100 yards away from where they are hatched.  This is why the importance of being proactive and ensuring that nothing on your property holds water. 
'In short, the pond discussed earlier does not pose a health risk to the students and residents in the surrounding area.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at any time.  Have a great day.'
James A. Bjorneboe, R.E.H.S.
Senior Environmental Specialist
Mecklenburg County Health Department
Phone: 704-507-6820
"Mr Bjorneboe had also offered to come speak to anyone interested in our neighborhood.  If folks are interested, we could perhaps set up an evening at the Clubhouse for his presentation.  Hope you all find this as reassuring as I did!"
- Barbara Navarro
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