Oktoberfest, Neighborhood Safety, Boy Scouts and More
Posted on September 2, 2016 11:02 AM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
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CW Oktoberfest - Volunteers Needed
Join us for the annual HOA Oktoberfest and Community Donation event at the Cameron Wood Ball field on Saturday, October 15, rain or shine!
Fun and food for the entire family!!! Come enjoy brats, beer, music and activities for the entire family. Or come simply to mingle with your neighbors. 
Volunteers always welcome! This is also a great opportunity for our neighborhood youth to pick up some service hours if needed. Contact David Llewyn at 
Please look to upcoming eNews for more updates on this annual event!  You don't want to miss it!
Boy Scout BBQ - Troop 119
Best Barbecue in Ballantyne!
Troop 119 is now taking orders for its annual barbecue fundraiser. Please contact JT Bivens at or phone 704–752–7774 for outstanding barbecue and in support of the Boy Scouts at Troop 119. Barbecue will be personally delivered by JT on Saturday, September 24.
$10 per pound.
Neighborhood Safety
Over the past several months the South Division has experienced a great deal of vehicle break ins and stolen vehicles. During this period OUR communities continue to be MAJOR targets because of people’s inability as community members to take responsibility for their crime prevention roles.
It is up to you to make sure that these criminals DO NOT keep coming into OUR communities! The police have been overwhelmed with vehicle break ins and almost ALL of them are because people are NOT locking their vehicles and removing their valuables.
Vehicles are also being STOLEN because people are leaving their keys in them! LOCK YOUR VEHICLES, REMOVE YOUR KEYS AND REMOVE YOUR VALUABLES!
For more safety tips, go here: Safety Tips
CW Classifieds
Are you using all of the features of our neighborhood website?  Check out the classifieds and more!
Safety is a two way street in Cameron Wood!  We ask that you please drive the speed limit (remind your teenagers too), and be aware of pedestrians, but also as a pedestrian please observe safety protocol as well. 
This time of year CW is filled with walkers, runners, bikers, kids, strollers and pets.  Since there are no sidewalks, except for Birnen and Arbor Point Drive, pedestrians share the road way.  There are published guidelines for pedestrian safety.  A few will be mentioned herein: 
  • The roadways are not wide thoroughfares. Pedestrians need to walk on the left side of the road FACING the oncoming traffic.  This allows eye – to – eye contact. 
  • If walking in a group, a single line needs to be made when traffic comes your way. 
  • Earphones for listening to music or radio are prevalent – this is a safety hazard if in both ears, as hearing what is going on around you is hindered.  Pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings at all times so if you must wear earphones, then wear in one ear only. 
  • Cell phones are a pedestrian’s worst friend.  While talking, one is not paying attention to where one is walking nor to any danger around them such as approaching cars, loose dogs, a thief, etc.
  • Walking and talking in a group can be dangerous as well.  The same safety guidelines apply.  Pay attention to where you are going and to your surroundings.
Remember we all want to return home in the same condition or better than when we left home.  Be safe and respect the traffic – they will do you much more harm than good should you be hit by a vehicle!
CW Advertising opportunities
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