Update from Beth Jackson, CMPD RE: Riots
Posted on September 22, 2016 7:51 PM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
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Update from Beth Jackson, CMPD
"Good Afternoon,
I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of emails regarding all the information out there on the protests coming to the South Charlotte area. I can assure you we are following social media reports and getting the same information.
Obviously the city of Charlotte is on edge and people are overwhelmed with the News, Social media, news conferences and the national spotlight that Charlotte is in.  I would say everyone just use their best just judgement and use the best safety measures. I can guarantee if there are protests in the area at any time the Media will be there. They were camped out earlier today at SouthPark because they were also getting the information and talking to people. The good news it was the police and the media. :)
We obviously do not know exactly what is going to happen in our area, in downtown Charlotte, in North Charlotte, but we will be there to respond to whatever it is,  All hands are on deck as they like to say.
What we have seen over the past couple of days has been disturbing and heartbreaking,  we understand your concern.  I appreciate the information that has been emailed and texted to me directly that has been seen on social media. If you do see a group starting to gather in a location to protest please call 911.
As you are aware we do have many resources involved but I can assure you that there are Officers still in South Division and in the response area. I realize this will not solve ALL your frustrations and concerns but I hope it can ease them as we go into the evening.
As always THANK YOU for your support, you have been so WONDERFUL to us!
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
Thanks, Beth"
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