The "BOO" Game: Fun Neighborhood Activity!
Posted on September 29, 2016 1:51 PM by The Cameron Wood Communications Team
Today we are featuring a guest post from resident Elizabeth Corcoran about a fun activity taking place in our neighborhood during the month of October. Want to play?? Read on! 
As we move into October, I am reminded by my children that Halloween is a time for Tricks and LOTS of Treats.  Last year we heard our doorbell ring, but when we answered we didn't find anyone.  The only thing that was left behind were some fun and tasty treats with a note saying we had been "Booed".  My children and I thought it was so special to receive an anonymous bag of treats from a friend in the neighborhood, but we were even more excited to go "BOO" some of our other neighborhood friends. 
Over the next two days we planned our Booing.  First, we decided who we wanted to Boo, then we went and picked out all the special treats for our friends, and lastly (the most exciting part for a toddler)...we snuck up to our friends house as stealthy as a two year old could, sat the treats on their front porch, rang the bell and then RAN and hid so we could watch their surprise when they saw they had been BOOED!!!!!
I had never heard of this neighborhood game before, much less participated in it, but now that I have children the fun has begun!  If you haven't been booed before, I'll explain how it works so you aren't alarmed if this happens to you.  Here's how it works and what you'll need to get the game started:
  1. Print out a "You've been booed" sign or poem to include in your bag of treats AND a "We've been Booed" sign for your friend to put in their window after they've been booed.  You can find these free printables all over the internet or you can design one yourself.   
  2. Make a treat bag for your friends. This can include Halloween themed items, toys, games, candy, stickers, whatever you think your friends will enjoy. 
  3. Place the two "You've been booed" and "We've been Booed" signs in the treat bag.
  4. Let the fun begin and play sneak-a-boo at your neighborhood friend's house.  Make sure they haven't already been booed by looking for the "We've been booed" sign hanging on their front door.  If all is clear, you'll hang the treat bag on their door knob, ring the bell, and then run!  
*Please be courteous to your neighborhood friends and only "boo" those that you think will enjoy this fun game.  If you have been booed, do not feel obligated to participate but you may want to hang the "we've been booed" sign up so that you aren't booed again. Lastly, when ringing doorbells of friends please be mindful of little ones bedtimes; before dark is probably okay for most friends.  
Want to join in the Neighborhood Halloween Fun?!
-CW Resident Elizabeth Corcoran
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