Posted on December 7, 2016 1:47 PM by Alessandra Macaluso, CW Webmaster
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On a recent Tuesday, I needed a night out with a friend (read: parenthood was driving me insane). We didn’t need anything particularly fancy, but we did want the essentials: good food, a bit of ambiance, a friendly atmosphere -- and a half-price bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt.
The question was, where should we go? South Park? Ballantyne? Call an Uber and head to Uptown? One of the reasons I love this neighborhood is because we are sandwiched right in the middle of all the hot spots. But then we remembered something even closer to home that I often overlook: Pineville. And specifically, Global Restaurant.
After a three-minute drive and just 2.6 miles from home, we were already parked and walking to Global. I realized during the short walk from the car to the restaurant just how charming Downtown Pineville is, with it’s corner café, vintage shops, and craft beer, set to the soundtrack of the live music coming from Global. After living in this area for over six years, it suddenly felt like Pineville had “woken up”.
And Global Restaurant more than adds to the charm. The historical two-story building at 314 Main Street, originally built in 1923 as a bank (downstairs) and a doctor’s office (upstairs), was renovated by Chef Bernard Brunet and his lovely wife, Shannon. (By the way, the Brunets have such an interesting story of how they met that I suggest you go there and specifically ask them to share it with you as you devour a bowl of She Crab Soup. I won’t give too much away, but what I will tell you is that “French Boy Meets Carolina Girl on Cruise Ship” could be a title for their love story.) Chef Bernard was born in Nice, France, but has spent his professional career in different regions of France, England, Russia, and eventually traveling the world on a cruise ship collecting a wide array of culinary expertise (hence the name Global), before finally settling here in Charlotte.
The Brunets moved Global Restaurant from it’s original location in Ballantyne to this new Pineville location, opening the doors this past June. The upstairs floor of the restaurant is more private, great for parties and events (keep a lookout for their NYE party!), while the downstairs is perfect for both intimate and group gatherings. Sit at a table with friends or to savor a cozy date night, or grab a seat at the bar and casually enjoy items from the “Bar Bites” menu. (You can see a virtual tour of the restaurant here.)
But back to my friend and I, and our “mom’s night out”. We sat at the bar, we drank too much wine, we talked too much, and we probably stayed a little too late. But we felt right at home because everyone working at this family-owned business was warm and accommodating, helping with our dinner selections and refilling our wine. We had the NC Trout Spread from the “Bar Bites” menu to start, which was the perfect introduction to the deliciousness we were in for.  We followed it up with the Bourride Provencal (made with Carolina shrimp) and the Maple Leaf Farm Duck, both exceptional in flavor and presentation. I’ve already bookmarked the Farro – NC Butternut Squash Cabbage Roll with parmesan broth and toasted walnuts for my next visit.
Chef Bernard uses high-quality ingredients and sources locally when possible, allowing patrons the opportunity to support local businesses on more than one level. He also changes the menu to reflect the seasons, so basically we’ll never get bored and he’s never getting rid of us. (Sorry, Bernard.)
Chef Bernard came over to say hello and later sat at the end of the bar eating a burger that honestly looked so good I almost leaned over and snatched a bite when he wasn’t looking. It’s important to note, that’s how close we were sitting. He is approachable, charming, and made us feel welcome and cared for. You can gather right away that he loves his customers and food with a fierce passion. Between he and his wife, Shannon, who was tending bar, we felt we were spending a weeknight with good friends.
We went back the following week (because who wouldn’t, after that first experience?), and were impressed to find Chef Bernard’s eight-year-old son, Xavier, sitting at the bar eating a delicious dinner. Possibly the truest testament to good food is to see a child enjoying it, because with children, there is no sugar coating. No one was standing over him making sure he was finishing his food, and nobody needed to, because this boy was going to town.
Global has officially found its way onto my radar, and the fact that it is so close to home is an added bonus. You can say it’s because of all those things we were looking for: ambiance, good food, local ingredients, friendly owners. But there is that something you can’t quite put your finger on which Global offers that keeps you coming back. Chef Bernard would likely say it is the “je ne sais quoi”. I might say it is the “black truffle sea salt pomme frites and half-price bottles of wine”. Potato, potahto
For reservations at Global call 714-835-1072 or book right on their website. Follow them for event updates and more on Facebook and Twitter.
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