• chevron_rightHow can I maintain my yard? (Updated)
    We have several tips to share on lawn maintenance based on our climate here in Charlotte and the appearance and upkeep standards of our neighborhood.
    To find best practices on lawn maintenance, please go here: Cameron Wood Landscaping Suggestions
  • chevron_rightHow can I replace my mailbox? (Updated)
    Cameron Wood's HOA Board of Directors has approved choices for mailbox replacement. Information on the types to choose from, cost, and ordering can be found here: Mailbox Replacement.
    Cameron Wood Homeowners Association Mailbox Program
    Updated July 28, 2023
    Cameron Wood’s HOA Board of Directors has approved the following replacement mailboxes from Carolina Mailboxes.
    These are the only two mailboxes that may be used to replace any mailbox
    in the community.
    Standardized mailboxes are generally considered by real estate agents and prospective
    buyers, a valuable asset for maintaining strong property values. Homes in standardized
    mailbox communities generally sell faster than homes not in standardized mailbox
    communities. This can make a big difference in influencing a good first impression to
    prospective home buyers.
    Mailbox Standardization Program: In 2004, the HOA Board of Directors, after extensive
    research and study, decided to improve the appearance of the community by reducing
    the wide variety of mailboxes used within Cameron Wood. The program includes two
    mailbox options. The first mailbox option is called "Somerset.” It is an attractive
    mailbox, but it may be too costly for some budgets. So a second mailbox is also offered.
    The more economical mailbox is called the “Wendover.”
    You may view these mailboxes at: https://carolinamailboxes.com/
    There is a distinct similarity between both mailboxes, which gives them an overall consistent appearance.
    For existing mailboxes, our hope is that homeowners will take a little time and effort to
    paint them black to provide a consistent mailbox color throughout the community.
    The mailboxes are available from Carolina Mailboxes, Inc. Phone: 704-334-3393/E-mail:
    cmb@carolinamailboxes.com. Installation is available for a reasonable $85 fee.
  • chevron_rightI'd like to volunteer my time or services. Where can I begin? (Updated)
    Contact us using the form under the ABOUT menu above.
    We look forward to your help in Making Life Good In CameronWood!
  • chevron_rightI've lost or found a pet. What should I do? (Updated)
    Lost and Found pets require quick responses, and you want to spread the word ASAP. The best things to do are:
  • chevron_rightWhere can I find our neighborhood Covenants and By-Laws?
    You can find links to Cameron Wood's Covenants & By-Laws here: Covenants & By-Laws