• How can I maintain my yard?
    We have several tips to share on lawn maintenance, based on our climate here in Charlotte and the appearance and upkeep standards of our neighborhood.
    To find best practices on lawn maintenance, please go here: Cameron Wood Landscaping Suggestions
  • How can I replace my mailbox?
    Cameron Wood's HOA Board of Directors has approved choices for mailbox replacement. The information on the types to choose from, cost, and ordering can be found here: Mailbox Replacement
  • I'd like to volunteer my time or services. Where can I begin?
    We are always in need of volunteer services in Cameron Wood and we have several volunteer teams to choose from. Our Board Liaison for volunteer teams is Drew Crawford. You can find a full list of our volunteer teams here: Volunteer Teams
    If you'd like to find places OUTSIDE of Cameron Wood where you can volunteer your services, head to volunteermatch.org to find opportunities searchable by location, interest, or age group for everything from grant writing to cat rescue.
  • I've lost or found a pet. What should I do?
    Lost pets require quick responses, and you want to spread the word ASAP. The best things to do are:
    In addition, you can contact our News Editor Nicole Viar and request an eNews alert be sent to our neighbors. 
  • Where can I find our neighborhood Covenants and By-Laws?
    You can find links to Cameron Wood's Covenants & By-Laws here: Covenants & By-Laws