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Here you'll find all important documents relevant to Cameron Wood, such as our Newsletter archive, Board Meeting Minutes, announcements from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, and forms for all home project requests. As a reminder, you must receive written approval before you begin any project.
Cameron Wood Project Request Forms Index and Checklists
  • Send all completed form requests to Henderson Properties to: Cameron Wood HOA c/o Henderson Properties, 919 Norland Road, Charlotte, NC 28205. Their phone number is 704-535-1122, Fax: (704) 569-9669
  • Reminder to homeowners and contractors: Contractor signs are not allowed in Cameron Wood Front Yards. If signs are removed by management, they can be found behind the Park Road monuments.
  • Please read all forms for additional information that may be required prior to approval.
If you are improving your property and you submit an Architectural Request for Review and Approval of your improvements/project,  the Architectural Review Committee has up to 30 days to review and act upon your request. The ARC members need this time to review the request, send members out to your home to inspect the property, take a picture of the property and then meet to decide whether to approve the request. The ARC members do this voluntarily out of love and concern for Cameron Wood. In the event you decide to start work before receiving approval or just fail to ask for approval, the HOA has the right to notify you to stop the project. The HOA Board can bring legal action forcing the work to be stopped if you do not comply. However, we do not desire to have to force a homeowner to stop work on a project and would welcome the opportunity to instead, work with the homeowner, in seeing that the home improvement project is reviewed and approved for the good of all homeowners within Cameron Wood. 
Please click on the 'Forms for Projects' link below to find the forms for the named projects.
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