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Cameron Wood History

Cameron Wood is named for Mr. Cameron Harris.  Mr. Harris owned the property prior to its development into a residential community.

The Cameron Wood neighborhood is located on 386 acres of land that, in earlier years, was a hunting preserve owned by the Belk family.  The property was, at one time, considered as a possible location for a major shopping mall but was thought to be too far from the center of Charlotte to be suitable.  Eventually, in an exchange of properties, the Harris family became the owners of the property and the Belk family took over the land that would one day become the site of SouthPark mall. 

The property contains a one-acre natural spring-fed pond.  Prior to the development of Cameron Wood, the pond was used to water horses and cattle. At one point, the state record for smallmouth bass was caught here.

Mulvaney Homes bought the land from the Harris family, with the help of funding from UDC Homes, Inc., for approximately $10 million.  Eventually, UDC bought out Mulvaney Homes and took over the property.  The neighborhood covenants were filed, by UDC, on July 8, 1986, and the first house was completed that same year.  In 1996, the remaining homesites were sold by UDC to David Weekly Homes.  David Weekly completed their work in Cameron Wood in 2002.

The Cameron Wood community is composed of five different villages: Park Springs, Stone Croft, Wingfield, Glen Laurel, and Deer Brooke.  Cameron Wood was the largest planned community in Charlotte/Mecklenburg until the Highland Creek community was built in the northeastern part of the county.  The Glen Laurel village served as the site of Home Arama in 1988.

Cameron Wood is currently the site of 804 homes.  Click here for a map of the area.

In 1986, when the neighborhood was initially opened, only one entrance existed (the "middle" entrance) and Park Road was two-lanes wide.  The southern entrance (where Park Rd. and Johnston Rd. meet) was opened in 1988 and the northern entrance (across from South Mecklenburg High School in 1990.  Between 1989 and 1991, Park Road was widened from two lanes to the six-lane thoroughfare that we have today. 

In 2006 the Birnen Road street lights were replaced with decorative black poles with 6 foot extension lamp arms.  In 2008 the interior monuments were demolished and only the two Deer Brook Lane retaining wall monuments remain.  In 2012 the playground was installed on the hill near the pond and the pond was renovated by the city because the existing spillway was in a deteriorated condition and the perceived primary spillway was clogged.  In order to preserve and enhance the water quality they installed a new outlet structure and repaired the emergency spillway at a cost of $580,000.  The spillway hillside was planted with grasses and the pond fishing dock was added in June, 2013.  

The annual Oktoberfest HOA-wide event, began in 2010, and has been a grand success each year.  David Lewyn, along with other volunteers, coordinates the event.  In 2014, David reported:  We devoured: over 800 brats and hot dogs, 100 lbs of potato salad and cole slaw, and 1,200 cookies.  We also collected 600 pounds of canned goods for the Charlotte Loaves and Fishes Food Drive.  Thank you to Katherine Neal for coordinating the drive and to Nicole S., Natalie S., Jasmine D., Catherine M., Nikki V. and Sara T. for collecting and sorting the donations.  The event could not have been successful without the tremendous support from our volunteers.  A thank you to our event organizers:  David and Gail Lewyn and all those that helped bring the event together including Jeff Leary, Lisa Sher, PT Harbin, Janelle Mortimer, Mark Ridenhour, Scottie E., Andrew Swistak, Ryan M., Daniel L. and MichaelL...Also, thank you to SouthEnd Home Improvement for providing the grill.  See you all at the 2015 event.

The community's homeowner's association is very active and highly respected throughout the area.  For social, safety and security and new resident welcoming purposes, the community is divided into 13 clusters.  Each cluster has a Neighborhood Watch representative and several clusters are very socially active. 

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