Cameron Wood History

The Cameron Wood neighborhood is located on 386 acres of land that, in earlier years, was a hunting preserve owned by the Belk family. The property, which includes a man-made pond constructed years ago by a farmer living on the property was, at one time, considered as a possible location for a major shopping mall but was thought to be too far from the center of Charlotte to be suitable. Eventually, in an exchange of properties, the Harris family became the owners of the property and the Belk family took over the land that would one day become the site of SouthPark mall. Cameron Wood is named for Mr. Cameron Harris.

Mulvaney Homes bought the land from the Harris family, with the help of  UDC Homes, Inc., for approximately $ 10 million. Eventually, UDC bought out Mulvaney Homes and took over the property. The neighborhood covenants were filed, by UDC, on July 8, 1986. and the first house was completed that same year. In 1996, the remaining homesites were sold by UDC to David Weekly Homes. David Weekly completed their work in Cameron Wood in 2000.

The Cameron Wood community was initially composed of five different villages: Park Springs, Stone Croft, Wingfield, Glen Laurel, and Deer Brooke and would grow to become the largest planned community in Charlotte/Mecklenburg until the Highland Creek community was built in the northeastern part of the county. The Glen Laurel village served as the site of Home Arama in 1988. Cameron Wood is currently the site of nearly 804 completed houses and 1 vacant lot. Click here for a map of the area.

When the neighborhood was initially opened in 1986, only one entrance existed (the current "middle" entrance) and Park Road was only two lanes wide. The southern entrance (where Park Rd. and Johnston Rd. meet) was opened in 1988 and the northern entrance (across from South Mecklenburg High School) was opened in 1990. Between 1989 and 1991, Park Road was widened from two lanes to the six-lane thoroughfare that we have today.

Cameron Wood Homeowners Association

From the time the neighborhood covenants were filed, until September of 1993, the Homeowners Association was controlled by UDC with the builder holding three of the five Board positions. The first two residents to serve on the Board were Mark Norman and Helaine Bowles. Chris Kasak initially served as a UDC representative on the Board and later became a resident Board member. The administration of the Homeowners Association was handled by Association Management Group (AMG), formerly known as Gallup Property Management , until July 1, 2000. In October of 2000 the Board of Directors hired its first Resident Manager, Sherry Williams.  In 2010 Community Association Management was hired to manage the HOA and in 2014 Henderson Properties.

Once control of the Board passed from UDC to the residents of Cameron Wood, the Board established term lengths for the members of the Board and started to seriously consider the future needs of Cameron Wood. One of the major items included the formation of standing volunteer teams: Architectural Review, Social, Communication, Safety, and Landscaping. Fencing guidelines were revised and the sign policy enforcement was established in 1998 to more closely follow city ordinances. In 1999 the Board began funding the Master Plan, by allocating $24,000 each year for capital improvements. Irrigation was completed on Birnen, and in 2002 we initiated the replacement tree plantings in between existing pear trees. In 1999 the Board of Directors also began using provisions of The NC Planned Community Act to enforce the neighborhood Covenants.

Special Projects/Events: Annual neighborhood social ( Oktoberfest), Park Road landscaping project, bi-monthly neighborhood newsletter (The Connection), annual neighborhood directory & handbook, establishment of the neighborhood "cluster" program, creation of the Welcome Team and Newcomers package, development of the website (www.cameronwood.com) and neighborhood e-mail alert communication. This alert system enables quick reporting of crimes, current events and items of mutual interest within Cameron Wood and adjoining neighborhoods like Park Crossing.

Board Presidents: 1994-96 Helaine Bowles, 1996-97 Mark Norman, 1997-98 Chris Kasak, 1998-2004 Hugh Harmon, 2005-2006 Gordon Kerr, 2006-2007 Bill Morris, 2007-2008 Maria Smithson, 2009-2010 Tom Kirby, 2011 Bryan Zweier, 2012 Jason Dorn, 2013-15 Barry Jenkins, 2015 Christopher Corcoran.

Cameron Wood Swim & Racquet Club

The Swim & Racquet Club was initially run by UDC. Mark Norman served as the first president of the Operating Committee (1990-1991). Initially, the pool lifeguards were hired by UDC. Currently, the club uses Carolina Pool Management to handle the day-to-day operation of the swimming facility.

Lisa Sheltra became the club manager on 1/1/2000 after former manager Jane Elliot moved from North Carolina. One of the major club activities is the Cameron Wood Swim Team (the Tidalwaves) which competes annually in a City swim league.

Special Projects/Events: Lighting and backboard for the tennis courts, construction of the first playground.

Other Highlights: "Cameron Yards" - A baseball field adjacent to the pool and tennis courts constructed by resident Bill Wright in 1991. In 2000 several volunteers established new social activities ("TGIF Pool Parties") to increase the fun quotient during the peak summer season.

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