Volunteer Teams

Cameron Wood Teams

Volunteers...We Need Them!  Please consider volunteering in Cameron Wood as some of your neighbors already do or have in the past.

Architectural Review(ARC) Board Oversight Member is Chris Corcoran.  This team uses two-person units to review homeowner requests for exterior changes, additions, renovations, reconstruction or landscaping of their property which affects the curb appeal of the neighborhood. ARC approval of all such changes is required by our Covenants within 30 days but usually takes 6-7 days. This team's goal is to complete the approvals in a timely manner while keeping changes in harmony with existing neighborhood standards. We currently approve about 95% of initial items submitted to our volunteer team members. Typically only 2 or 3 requests per year are denied and many of those denials have been resolved.  Architectural forms are available on this site under Residents then Forms.

Architectural Compliance: (ACC).  A team leader is needed.  The Board Oversight Member is Chris Corcoran.  The team periodically reviews the neighborhood for Covenant violations and communicates with Homeowners and Board of Director members to resolve issues in a neighborly manner. These team volunteers are responsible for addressing complaints and for proactively looking for unauthorized changes to properties.  Especially to those changes which could negatively impact property values. This group is also responsible for identifying exterior property maintenance issues that could adversely impact Cameron Wood's curb appeal.  When a violation occurs, this group notifies the homeowner, in writing, and follows a set process to make sure the problem is corrected in a timely manner.  If the homeowner refuses to cooperate within this process, then the team turns the issue over to the Board of Directors, who then in turn vote to have a hearing.  If, after a hearing, the homeowner still refuses to cooperate, fines are levied in accordance with the North Carolina Planned Community Act, until the problem is resolved. Residential Landscape Guidelines (very comprehensive for new NC residents)

Children's Events:  Team leader is Ashley Swistak. Board Liaison is Andrew Swistak. This team hosts 4 main events each year:  Easter egg hunt, July 4th Parade, Pumpkinfest and the Holiday Party.

Communication Committee:  HOA Board oversight is Molly Spence Ward. The committee is composed of the newsletter, the website and the Welcome Team.  The newsletter editor is Nicole Viar, the webmaster is Alessandra Macaluso and the welcome team leader is LeAnn SwieczkowskiThis team visits new residents and welcomes them by delivering welcome materials (i.e., maps, neighborhood directory, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce welcome pamphlet, ect.). 

Ponds & Grounds:  The board liaison (landscaping, irrigation and trees) and committee chair is Ben Dulkan. The pond team cares for the pond water and fountains, the surrounding paths and fishing deck and coordinates a semi-annual clean up work day. They also assist the children's committee conduct an annual fish release.

Social:  Team leader position is David Lewyn.  Board Liaison is Drew Crawford. Plans and executes the Annual Okoberfest and any other social events.

Volunteers:  Board Liaison is Drew Crawford.  The community has 8 volunteer teams. Each team has a board member who liaisons between the team and the board for communication and budget purposes. The liaison board member reports monthly at the board meetings the latest news for their assigned team.  Teams generally meet at pre-appointed times to discuss plans, budgets and projects.  Apart from the team meetings, volunteers generally contribute 1 to 4 hrs/month to their teams.

HOA Management Company is Henderson Properties.  
Our HOA Management address is:
Henderson Properties c/o Cameron Wood Homeowners Association Mailing Address
919 Norland Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
Office: 704-970-4155
Cameron Wood Board Members

Christopher Corcoran President & Treasurer
Andrew Swistak Vice-President
Molly Spence Ward Secretary
Ben Dulken At Large
Drew Crawford At Large

CW HOA Webmaster