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Cameron Wood Homeowners Association

From the time the neighborhood covenants were filed, until September of 1993, the Homeowners Association was controlled by UDC with the builder holding three of the five Board positions. The first two residents to serve on the Board were Mark Norman and Helaine Bowles. Chris Kasak initially served as a UDC representative on the Board and later became a resident Board member. The administration of the Homeowners Association was handled by Association Management Group (AMG), formerly known as Gallup Property Management , until July 1, 2000. In October of 2000 the Board of Directors hired its first Resident Manager, Sherry Williams.  In 2010 Community Association Management was hired to manage the HOA and in 2014 Henderson Properties. In late 2018, the HOA re-hired Community Association Management to manage the HOA.

Once control of the Board passed from UDC to the residents of Cameron Wood, the Board established term lengths for the members of the Board and started to seriously consider the future needs of Cameron Wood. One of the major items included the formation of standing volunteer teams: Architectural Review, Social, Communication, Safety, and Landscaping. Fencing guidelines were revised and the sign policy enforcement was established in 1998 to more closely follow city ordinances. In 1999 the Board began funding the Master Plan, by allocating $24,000 each year for capital improvements. Irrigation was completed on Birnen, and in 2002 we initiated the replacement tree plantings in between existing pear trees. In 1999 the Board of Directors also began using provisions of The NC Planned Community Act to enforce the neighborhood Covenants.

Board Presidents: 1994-96 Helaine Bowles, 1996-97 Mark Norman, 1997-98 Chris Kasak, 1998-2004 Hugh Harmon, 2005-2006 Gordon Kerr, 2006-2007 Bill Morris, 2007-2008 Maria Smithson, 2009-2010 Tom Kirby, 2011 Bryan Zweier, 2012 Jason Dorn, 2013-15 Barry Jenkins, 2015-2020 Christopher Corcoran, Andrew Swistak 2020.


Cameron Wood Homeowners Association Management

Cameron Wood HOA is managed by Community Association Management in conjunction with a volunteer Board of Directors.  

Cameron Wood Homeowners Association

c/o Community Association Management

PO Box 79032 Charlotte, NC 28271-0030

Office Phone:  704-565-5009     

Email: csr@communityassociationmanagement.com

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