Making Exterior Renovations?
Please submit an ARC request prior to making any exterior modifications to your home, yard or landscaping. This can be done through the community association management portal 
Please submit any suggestions comments regarding compliance to
Architectural Compliance Committee (ACC)
The ACC team periodically monitors the neighborhood for violations of our Covenants and communicates with homeowners and the Board of Directors to resolve these issues in a neighborly manner. These volunteers are responsible for responding to complaints and proactively looking for neighbors who make unauthorized changes to the exterior look of their property which negatively impact our property values. This group is also responsible for identifying exterior maintenance problems on properties that adversely impact Cameron Woods curb appeal. When a violation occurs, this group communicates the problem in writing to the homeowner and follows a set process to make sure the problem is corrected in a timely manner. If the homeowner refuses to cooperate within this process, then the committee turns the problem over to the Board of Directors, who then in turn vote to have a hearing. If the homeowner still refuses to cooperate, fines are levied in accordance with the North Carolina Planned Community Act until the problem is resolved.
Community Standard Guidelines
Residential Landscape Guidelines
Mailbox Replacement Program
Siding:  Masonite Siding Class Action Lawsuit
City Recycle Bin Bi-weekly Pickup Service Information
Cameron Wood Covenants Regarding Trash Bin Storage

                                                                                             Architectural Review (ARC)

This group uses two-person teams to review homeowner requests for exterior changes, additions, renovations, reconstruction or landscaping of their property which affects the curb appeal of the neighborhood. ARC approval of all such changes is required by our Covenants within 30 days but usually takes 10-12 days. This team's goal is to do the approvals in a timely manner while keeping changes in harmony with existing neighborhood standards. We currently approve about 95% of initial items submitted to our volunteer team members. Typically only 2 or 3 requests per year are denied and many of those denials have been resolved. Architectural forms are available online.
Community Standard Guidelines