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CMPD and Crime Prevention 
For a complete list of safety tips, visit the CMPD Crime Prevention Unit web site at
Charlotte Police
Cameron Wood is located in the Providence Patrol Region of the Greater Charlotte Area. We are within the South Division. General Contact Information for the South Division:  You can also call the city's 311 line or the police on the 911 line (even for non-emergencies).
Emergency and Patrol Response: 911
Non-Emergency Crime Reporting: 311
Poison Control 704-355-4000
Victims Assistance 704-336-2190
Animal Control 704-336-3786
What is Suspicious?
Some things occur that arouse suspicion and that the police should know about. If you see any activity that catches your attention that you think may be out of the ordinary, it is probably suspicious. Call 911 immediately to report the suspicious activity. The following are some examples of suspicious activities:
Person going door-to-door in a residential area, especially if one or more persons go to the rear of the residence: Possible burglary suspects or trespassers.
Person loitering around a car or going from car to car peering into them especially in parking lots: Possible car theft.
Strangers loitering or slowly walking through neighborhood several times: Possible burglary suspects or vandals.
Slow moving vehicle without lights, especially if its course appears aimless: Possible burglar, drug pusher or sex offender.
How to Report a Crime
If you observe any suspicious activity call 911 immediately. The longer you wait to call the police, the greater the chances are that the suspect will get away. As a general rule, any time you need a police officer to respond to a scene call 911.  Report a Crime Online Now.
911 Call Priority
Certain suspicious activities you may report to the police will require immediate or emergency responses. In those cases a patrol car is dispatched as quickly as possible. Calls for police services are prioritized in order to allow police to respond to more urgent situations. An officer may not be dispatched to see you immediately. Some complaints may be taken by telephone, and dont require that a patrol car be dispatched. For instance, if your bike is stolen, you can file your report by phone. In those cases call the Non-Emergency Police Services number 704-353-1000.
A simple way to report a crime by phone: 
Call 311 and a representative will connect you to the CMPD Crime Reporting Unit. If you are calling from outside Mecklenburg County, call 704-336-7600.
Home Security
House breaking is one of the biggest crimes in Charlotte/Mecklenburg. Each year thousands of homes are burglarized and millions of dollars in property is stolen or damaged. Your chances of being victimized are increasing each year, regardless of your income, or the neighborhood in which you live. Thieves look for simple, fast entry; they need darkness or some form of cover; they aim for the target thats most available. You can make it tough on thieves by robbing them of these things by taking away the opportunity to commit crimes in the first place.
A good door and/or lock are among the best investments you can make toward securing your home. Make sure that a qualified locksmith, carpenter, or reputable hardware dealer installs your lock. Use that lock at all times! An unlocked door is simply an open invitation to a thief. Police recommend a dead bolt lock and solid-core exterior doors.
If a burglar cannot easily get through a door, he/she may try a window. Proper home security should take this fact into account. Dont let bushes and shrubs obscure windows. Keep foliage trimmed back so that you have a clear view outdoors. Remember burglars need some sort of cover. A tall thick shrub next to the house provides an ideal hiding place.
There are so many types of alarms on the market. Many are very expensive, though some fairly inexpensive models are now sold. Most alarm systems have their limitations and are good only in certain applications. Dont depend on an alarm to protect you completely. Any alarm should be used only in conjunction with other good, common sense, crime prevention practices and with proper locks and lighting.
While You Are Away
Lighting is one of the most important and yet simplest methods of securing your home. Good exterior light is important particularly when the yard is filled with shrubs and trees. The best possible location for outside lights is under your home's eaves. This makes ground level entry more difficult because it illuminates would-be hiding places. Instead of discontinuing newspaper and other deliveries, ask a neighbor to pick up these items for you. Mow your grass just before you depart and arrange for it to be cut again in a week if you are away longer than a week.
Common Sense
Do not display expensive items in plain view. Keep them out of sight when not in use.
Keep ladders locked in the garage. Burglars can use them for second-story windows.
Dont advertise new gifts or purchases. Break up cartons before leaving them on the curb.
Keep your doors locked while working in the yard. Someone could slip in while you are not looking.
Children's Safety Guidelines
Never accept gifts from strangers or go anywhere with them. Never play in a vacant house or wooded area. Make sure your parents know where you are and whom you are with.
If you get lost while shopping, find a policeman or store clerk and they will help you find your parents. Never let anyone know if you are home alone. When you arrive at home alone and you find a door open, do not go in. Go to a neighbors house. In the event of an emergency call 911.
Develop a password with your children and tell them that if anyone ever tries to pick them up, that person must know the password. Know where your children congregate and who their friends are. Make sure you are familiar with all babysitters, Check their references.
Keep communication open with your children and make sure they tell you about any funny feelings they have. Make sure that your child has a smooth working key and that they know not to tell anyone they are home alone. Make sure your child can reach the telephone and keep a list of emergency numbers close by the phone. Explain safety rules for answering the door or the phone. Teach your children minor first aid responses such as how to clean a cut and apply a bandage.
CMPD Traffic HOTLINE 704-432-2120 accepts information about an observed traffic violation that occurred IN MECKLENBURG COUNTY. The caller must leave 1) the N.C. Registration plate number, 2) description of the vehicle and 3) driver if known, 4) date, 5) time and 6) location of the violation, and 7) a detailed description of the violation. Although the callers identification WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED, the caller MUST leave his/her name and telephone number for verification purposes. This call to 704-432-2120 generates a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle, indicating the concern and possible consequences of the driving behavior.  You can also call the city's 311 line or the police on the 911 line (even for non-emergencies).
CMPD Traffic HOTLINE 704-432-2120 accepts information about any traffic safety concern. If validated, it will be handled by the appropriate patrol district. CMPD Traffic HOTLINE 704-432-2120 (You may want to keep this number in your vehicle.) If you wish to TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT ANY OTHER TRAFFIC RELATED MATTER call 704-336-4465.  You can also call the city's 311 line or the police on the 911 line (even for non-emergencies).
Other crimes make be reported online include: Damage to Property - Intentionally damaging the property of another person or organization. Note: Accidental damage cannot be reported here. Harassing phone calls - Using profane, indecent or threatening language to any person over the telephone, annoying or harassing by repeated telephoning or making false statements via phone. Larceny - Taking personal property without owner's consent with the intention of keeping the property. Theft from Vehicle - Breaking into or entering a vehicle with the intent to steal something. It does not have to be proven that anything was stolen.